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MULTIPLEX : Labor and Consumption SAVINGS


Are you looking everywhere to cut overall cost and trying to get your plant to be more efficient in the same time?

Do you have too many forklifts going around your plant that could potentially damage your production lines or risk injury?


WHAT IF your system could convey your bottles, caps or preforms from several Injection/blowmolders to several Hoppers/filling lines via ONE conveyor, reducing your equipment cost, labor and overall energy consumption?


The system is a time division multiplexing conveyor system that allows conveying different bottles (preforms or caps) formats on the same conveyor guaranteeing the integrity of the product. The system communicates with each machine, so rather than acquiring a single conveyor for each machine to deliver these products, we are able to carry all the products with ONE conveyor, which reduces drastically the overall cost of the delivery system and give you maximum flexibility.

This is an advance technology that uses basic principles and we can guaranty a total control and delivery in the right place of all products at the right time. This is pure cost reduction and lean manufacturing engineering that will bring an important value to your plant operation.

This is not Research and Development….it’s existing and fully tested on real manufacturing production sites. So don’t wait, this system can be adapted to any existing lines with a return on investment of less than 1-2 years.

TOTE : Warehouse and shipping SAVINGS

The TOTE storage system is a truly innovative solution for bulk handling of Preforms, Caps and Bottles.


  • Reduce the operational cost by eliminating non-reusable packing materials. No more pallets, plastic or cardboard.
  • Gain volume in your transportation by using 90% of your truck compared to traditional pallets.
  • Gain warehouse space since the totes can be stacked together without the help of racks.
  • This system is much less expensive than your traditional Paletizer and Depaletizer.


  • Collapsible: the tote goes down to 33% of its original size, saving space when not used.
  • Eliminate the dumper application and use or bottom discharge system.
  • Several sizes available to meet your bottle and production line requirements.