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Intec Solutions and its partners specialize in automated material handling solutions for the blow molding and injection industry.

Our new double preform dumper conveyor/hopper system increases your line capacity and production efficiency while protecting it from potential contamination.

Our conveyor systems are adaptable to a multiplexing system that controls inputs and outputs through a single conveyor, optimizing production flow, improving floor space usage, reducing energy, labor and maintenance costs, and improving safety.

Our versatile preform orientors handle different sizes, even wide-mouth jar preforms. Our unscramblers are highly reliable, efficient, and can orient up to 1 000 preforms per minute.

Our feeding system is designed and built to deliver the required number of preforms.

With our collapsible totes you will be able to eliminate tote racking, improve floor space usage, reduce tote setup time, and significantly extend the lifespan of totes.