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Project Description

Gaylord Filling System

Project: Six (6) Positions Gaylord Filler for PET Bottles

Location: Ontario, Canada


The project involved the positioning and installation of a PET bottle production line being relocated from a facility in the United States and taken to Canada. The bottles produced were boxed for delivery to the final customer, but the boxing stations was only able to position three (3) gaylords at a time to be filled making the line slow and inefficient.  


Offered our 6 Position Gaylord Filler designed to receive bottles from a single file conveyor connected to a Blow molder machine, count the bottles, and automatically store them into 6 independent Gaylords.

For description process, the equipment is broken into the following components:

  • Bottle Counter
  • Elevator Conveyor
  • Diverter Conveyor (Filler)
  • Control Panel

Project Details