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Project Description

Dallas Ft. Worth Neck Guide and Merger Retrofit

Project: Update line layout reusing existing Air Conveyor and adding new equipment.

Location: Dallas Ft. Worth, TX


The client decided to have a line relocation within the plant, resulting in a new line layout design. Meanwhile, taking the opportunity to make a upgrade and retrofit to the Air Conveyor, its mergers and support hangers.  


  • Dismantled the existing air conveyor line.
  • Replaced all cylinders with new.
  • Programmed the Blower speed management with a different recipe for each bottle.
  • Installed the moved equipment.
  • Programming and commissioning of the entire line 2.
  • New Layout:
    • Approximately 991’ of air conveyor from Krones and Sidel
    • Reused all the conveyors, fans, sideguides from L1 and unscrambler lines to fill up the missing ones on existing L2.
    • Retrofit side guide
  • New equipment included:
    • Neck Guide ACCS310G – 2,000ft
    • 3 sets of jigs
    • 2/1 gate + extension conveyor
    • Adaptation flanges
    • Stops
    • 19 Air support hangers.
    • Floor support on Mezzanine.
    • Electrical material, including new HMI AB PanelView 1000+

Project Details