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Project Description

Complete retrofit of existing Air Conveyor

Project: Complete retrofit of existing Air Conveyor, Neck Guide Upgrade and installation of New Side Guide System for 18 different bottles.

Location: Guatemala


  1. Neck Guide: The neck guide was in bad condition causing the bottles to not travel well.
  2. Side Guide:  There were two levels of automatic side guides, while the automatic change over didn’t work anymore. The line ran 18 different bottles which required 9 different positionings. With the previous configuration only 3 different positions could be reached, therefore most of the bottles ran with the wrong side guide setting resulting in jams.


  1. Retrofitted 200ft of old neck guide for the Green ACCS310G Low Friction Neck Guide, and added aluminum and UHMW Neck Guide support profiles.
  2. Installed the ACCS Universal CAM System in the entire line in order to cover the 9 positions needed for the 18 bottles, and to allow the possibility to add positions in case more bottles are included in production.
  • Air conveyor maintenance and retrofit

Project Details