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The EvoFilm™ modular, seamless shrink-wrapping solution meets today’s customization and sustainability challenges.  150 cycles per minutes and 5-min fully automated changeovers for high-quality shrink-wrapped packs.



…was formed in 2005 by assembling a team of individuals and partners with proven expertise in the blowmolding and injection molding industry.
Expertise that spans all forms of conveyor and storage systems, focused on making the overall production line more efficient.
Our Client database, repeat business and successful track record of over 200 installations is a testament of our dedication to excellence.

“Our success comes from the commitment and know how of our partners and their systems that we proudly represent and integrate.”

Arnold Manier, President.

Our partners :

Tec Engineering de MexicoACCS and Legendre in North America tightly mesh with Intec Solutions in vision, thought, execution, and commitment. Emerging from this synergy was something greater than the sum of its parts. A single-minded, focused point of service providing systems and expert resources to fit our customers’ immediate needs and long-term vision.

Some of our major clients :

Field integrators Plastic manufacturers Bottling companies