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Our main activity and product are: adaptation of the neck guide, as well as the lateral guide, programming updates, re-organization of existing lines and / or installation of new lines.

  • Updating and modernizing lines.
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance.
  • Refurbishment in general of all brands.

AIR CONVEYOR brands that have been retrofitted:

  • Sidel
  • Lanfranchi
  • Krones
  • AMT
  • NTS
  • Among others

Other services:
System integration

Modification of PLC program:

  • Increase efficiency in blower speed
  • Management of compensation zones by automatic change
  • Simplification of the operation screen
  • Lay Outs Modification.
  • System integration for production lines.
  • Engineering and project development.
  • Spare parts supply