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The RETROFIT for a change of Collar Guide in the air transport system, can increase the efficiency of the Air Conveyor to more than 20%, which reflects a considerable saving in the following points:
Energy Saving
Decrease of speed in blowers, up to 30%, which is directly reflected in the decrease in electricity consumption.
Due to reduced friction in the neck guide and increased efficiency in the movement of the bottle. Minimum contact of the neck of the bottle, with the neck guide.
Increased production efficiency
Reduction of jams in the Air Conveyor, resulting in a more continuous production.
Because the bottle jams decrease, the filler requirement remains continuous without any stoppage.
Decrease in periods of change
The wear on the neck guide decreases considerably, due to the low friction that is reflected in this material, this implies that the periods of change are longer.
Due to the decrease in wear of the neck guide, and the changes of neck guide sections resulting in more separated intervals of change.