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Air Conveyor Equipment & Services

Project management
Complete study, design and production
Turnkey installation or supervision or commissioning
Electric system
Control Panel
Ultrasonic Sensing
Junction Box
Linear electric actuator for CAM option
Pneumatic actuator for UBIC option
Engine options for Blower

Possible options for electrical system configuration:

  • ME Gravimetric filtering, with filtering up to> 5 μm.
  • HE Opacity Filtering, mainly with a filtrate of particles between 0.5 μm to 5 μm.
  • HEPA Filtration of High Efficiency Particles, the filtering efficiency is equal to or greater than 99.97% of the extraction of particles in the injected air, this corresponds to a diameter of approximately 0.3 μm.

System control
AB micro logix / compact logix
VFD AB 525
Panel view AB 600 +