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Intec Solutions and its partners specialize in automated material handling solutions for the blow molding and injection industry.

Our new improved air conveyor is engineered to suit high speed production lines for lighter bottles, and easy changeovers for multisizes. Easily upgradable for any future changes. We can retrofit any air conveyor in the market to accommodate your new bottle designs with our state of the art upgradable equipment like the new quick change neck-guide for a smoother contact with the neck ring, and the Universal CAM side guide system perfect solution for multi format and easy maintenance.

Our bottle tote systems are engineered to increase your production rate and save warehouse space. You can stack them without racks, and use the option of the automated bottom discharge module to make the dumping process significantly faster and effortless for operators. Our totes can be designed to accommodate your bottle design and prevent denting and scratching prior to the filling line.

In concept, our conveyor systems are adaptable to a multiplexing system, transporting all your bottles in one common conveyor, and managing more efficiently all your bottle inputs and outputs throughout your production lines, optimizing production flow.

Our silo storage systems are designed to guaranty that no bottles will be scratched or deformed during the storage period.